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Numbers 22:1 And the sons of Israel journey and encamp in the plains of Moab, beyond the Jordan, [by] Jericho.
Numbers 22:2 And Balak son of Zippor seeth all that Israel hath done to the Amorite,
Numbers 22:3 and Moab is exceedingly afraid of the presence of the people, for it [is] numerous; and Moab is vexed by the presence of the sons of Israel,
Numbers 22:4 and Moab saith unto the elders of Midian, `Now doth the assembly lick up all that is round about us, as the ox licketh up the green thing of the field.' And Balak son of Zippor [is] king of Moab at that time,
Numbers 22:5 and he sendeth messengers unto Balaam son of Beor, to Pethor, which [is] by the River of the land of the sons of his people, to call for him, saying, `Lo, a people hath come out of Egypt; lo, it hath covered the eye of the land, and it is abiding over-against me;
Numbers 22:6 and now, come, I pray thee, curse for me this people, for it [is] mightier than I; it may be I prevail -- we smite it -- and I cast it out from the land; for I have known -- that which thou blessest is blessed, and that which thou cursest is cursed.'
Numbers 22:7 And the elders of Moab and the elders of Midian go, and divinations in their hand, and they come in unto Balaam, and speak unto him the words of Balak,
Numbers 22:8 and he saith unto them, `Lodge here to-night, and I have brought you back word, as Jehovah speaketh unto me;' and the princes of Moab abide with Balaam.
Numbers 22:9 And God cometh in unto Balaam, and saith, `Who [are] these men with thee?'
Numbers 22:10 And Balaam saith unto God, `Balak, son of Zippor, king of Moab, hath sent unto me:
Numbers 22:11 Lo, the people that is coming out from Egypt and covereth the eye of the land, -- now come, pierce it for me; it may be I am able to fight against it, and have cast it out;'
Numbers 22:12 and God saith unto Balaam, `Thou dost not go with them; thou dost not curse the people; for it [is] blessed.'
Numbers 22:13 And Balaam riseth in the morning, and saith unto the princes of Balak, `Go unto your land, for Jehovah is refusing to suffer me to go with you;'
Numbers 22:14 and the princes of Moab rise, and come in unto Balak, and say, `Balaam is refusing to come with us.'
Numbers 22:15 And Balak addeth yet to send princes, more numerous and honoured than these,
Numbers 22:16 and they come in unto Balaam, and say to him, `Thus said Balak son of Zippor, Be not, I pray thee, withheld from coming unto me,
Numbers 22:17 for very greatly I honour thee, and all that thou sayest unto me I do; and come, I pray thee, pierce for me this people.'
Numbers 22:18 And Balaam answereth and saith unto the servants of Balak, `If Balak doth give to me the fulness of his house of silver and gold, I am not able to pass over the command of Jehovah my God, to do a little or a great thing;
Numbers 22:19 and, now, abide, I pray you, in this [place], you also, to-night; and I know what Jehovah is adding to speak with me.'
Numbers 22:20 And God cometh in unto Balaam, by night, and saith to him, `If to call for thee the men have come, rise, go with them, and only the thing which I speak unto thee -- it thou dost do.'
Numbers 22:21 And Balaam riseth in the morning, and saddleth his ass, and goeth with the princes of Moab,
Numbers 22:22 and the anger of God burneth because he is going, and a messenger of Jehovah stationeth himself in the way for an adversary to him, and he is riding on his ass, and two of his servants [are] with him,
Numbers 22:23 and the ass seeth the messenger of Jehovah standing in the way, and his drawn sword in his hand, and the ass turneth aside out of the way, and goeth into a field, and Balaam smiteth the ass to turn it aside into the way.
Numbers 22:24 And the messenger of Jehovah standeth in a narrow path of the vineyards -- a wall on this [side] and a wall on that --
Numbers 22:25 and the ass seeth the messenger of Jehovah, and is pressed unto the wall, and presseth Balaam's foot unto the wall, and he addeth to smite her;
Numbers 22:26 and the messenger of Jehovah addeth to pass over, and standeth in a strait place where there is no way to turn aside -- right or left --
Numbers 22:27 and the ass seeth the messenger of Jehovah, and croucheth under Balaam, and the anger of Balaam burneth, and he smiteth the ass with a staff.
Numbers 22:28 And Jehovah openeth the mouth of the ass, and she saith to Balaam, `What have I done to thee that thou hast smitten me these three times?'
Numbers 22:29 and Balaam saith to the ass, `Because thou hast rolled thyself against me; oh that there were a sword in my hand, for now I had slain thee;'
Numbers 22:30 and the ass saith unto Balaam, `Am not I thine ass, upon which thou hast ridden since [I was] thine unto this day? have I at all been accustomed to do to thee thus?' and he saith, `No.'
Numbers 22:31 And Jehovah uncovereth the eyes of Balaam, and he seeeth the messenger of Jehovah standing in the way, and his drawn sword in his hand, and he boweth and doth obeisance, to his face;
Numbers 22:32 and the messenger of Jehovah saith unto him, `Wherefore hast thou smitten thine ass these three times? lo, I -- I have come out for an adversary, for [thy] way hath been perverse before me,
Numbers 22:33 and the ass seeth me, and turneth aside at my presence these three times; unless she had turned aside from my presence, surely now also, thee I had slain, and her kept alive.'
Numbers 22:34 And Balaam saith unto the messenger of Jehovah, `I have sinned, for I did not know that thou [art] standing to meet me in the way; and now, if evil in thine eyes -- I turn back by myself.'
Numbers 22:35 And the messenger of Jehovah saith unto Balaam, `Go with the men; and only the word which I speak unto thee -- it thou dost speak;' and Balaam goeth with the princes of Balak.
Numbers 22:36 And Balak heareth that Balaam hath come, and goeth out to meet him, unto a city of Moab, which [is] on the border of Arnon, which [is] in the extremity of the border;
Numbers 22:37 and Balak saith unto Balaam, `Did I not diligently sent unto thee to call for thee? why didst thou not come unto me? am I not truly able to honour thee?'
Numbers 22:38 And Balaam saith unto Balak, `Lo, I have come unto thee; now -- am I at all able to speak anything? the word which God setteth in my mouth -- it I do speak.'
Numbers 22:39 And Balaam goeth with Balak, and they come to Kirjath-Huzoth,
Numbers 22:40 and Balak sacrificeth oxen and sheep, and sendeth to Balaam, and to the princes who [are] with him;
Numbers 22:41 and it cometh to pass in the morning, that Balak taketh Balaam, and causeth him to go up the high places of Baal, and he seeth from thence the extremity of the people.

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