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Sakkirttnangall 67:1 daivam nammodu krapacheyatu namme anugrhikyumarrakadte; avan tante mukhatte nammudemell prkashippikyumarrkadte. sela.
Sakkirttnangall 67:2 ninte vajhyi bhoomiyium ninte rakshsakalajatikallude idayilum arriyendatinnu tanne.
Sakkirttnangall 67:3 daivame, jatikall ninne satutikyum; sakaljatikallum ninne satutikyum.
Sakkirttnangall 67:4 jatikall santokshichau ghokshichaullasikyum; nii vamshangalle nerode vidhichau bhoomiyile jatikalle bharikyunnuvalela. sela.
Sakkirttnangall 67:5 daivame, jatikall ninne satutikyum; sakalajatikallum ninne satutikyum.
Sakkirttnangall 67:6 bhoomi atinte anubhavam tannirikyunnu; daivam, nammude daivam tanne, namme anugrhikyum.
Sakkirttnangall 67:7 daivam namme anugrhikyum; bhoomiyude arrutikall okyeyum avane bhayappedum.


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