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Sakkirttnangall 148:1 yahovaye satutippin; sggrttillninnu yahovaye satutippin; unnatangallill avane satutippin.
Sakkirttnangall 148:2 avante sakaladootanmarumayullellare, avane satutippin; avante savaarsainayvume, avane satutippin;
Sakkirttnangall 148:3 sooyaaarchandrnmare, avane satutippin; prkashamullallsakalnakshatrngallumayullellave, avane satutippin.
Sakkirttnangall 148:4 sggradhisggrvum aakashattinnu miiteyullallvellallavum aayullellave, avane satutippin.
Sakkirttnangall 148:5 avan kalpichaidtu avsrashtikyppedtirikyyall avyahovayude namatte satutikydte.
Sakkirttnangall 148:6 avan avaye sadakalattekyum sthiramakyi; lamghikyru tatt oru niyamam vechaumirikyunnu.
Sakkirttnangall 148:7 timimgalangallum ellaajhyikallumayullellave, bhoomiyillninnu yahovaye satutippin.
Sakkirttnangall 148:8 tiiyum kaljhyayum himavum aaviyum, avante vachanam anukshtthikyunnkodukkattum,
Sakkirttnangall 148:9 pavaaaatangallum sakalakunnukallum, phalavrakshangallum sakaladevdarukyllum.
Sakkirttnangall 148:10 mragangallum sakalkannukalikallum, ijhyajantukyllum parravajatikallum,
Sakkirttnangall 148:11 bhoomiyile rajakynmarum sakalavamshangallum, bhoomiyile prbhukynmarum sakalanayayadhipanmarum,
Sakkirttnangall 148:12 yuvakyllum yuvatikallum, vraddhnmarum balanmarum,
Sakkirttnangall 148:13 ivarokyeyum yahovayude namatte satutikydte; avante namam matrm uyannaririkyunnatu. avante mahatm bhoomikyum aakashattinnum melayirikyunnu.
Sakkirttnangall 148:14 tannodu aduttirikyunnjanamayi yisrayell makyllaytante sakalabhakatanmakyrum pukyayi avan sjanattinnu oru kombine uyattriyirikyunnu. yahovaye satutippin.


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