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Sakkirttnangall 126:1 yahovsiiyonte prvasikalle madakyivaruttiyappoll njangall spm kannunnavareppole aayirunnu.
Sakkirttnangall 126:2 annu njangallude vayill chiriyum njangallude navinmell aapprum nirranjirunnu. yahovavarill vakkayaarngalle cheyatirikyunnu ennu jatikallude idayill annu parranju.
Sakkirttnangall 126:3 yahovnjangallill vakkayaarngalle cheyatirikyunnu; atukondu njangall santokshikyunnu.
Sakkirttnangall 126:4 yahove, tekye nadtile todukalleppole njangallude prvasikalle madakyivaruttenname.
Sakkirttnangall 126:5 kannuniirode vitekyunnavar aapperade koyaum.
Sakkirttnangall 126:6 vittu chumannu karanjum vitechaum kondu nadakyunnu; katt chumannum aattrum kondu varunnu.


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